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Everyone thinks different. Have you ever wondered what on earth someone was thinking because they think so much different than you? An example of thinking different is the great divide in our country between Democrats and Republicans. Both are convinced they are right and can’t understand why the other side doesn’t see it their way. There is another way we earthlings think different. We think different than God, at least, many do.

There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end, it is the way of death (Proverbs 16:25).

When we think different than God, the consequences can be catastrophic. It can mean the difference between heaven and hell. Billions do what they, in their unsaved state, think is right. But if it turns out if it is different than the way God thinks. Again, the consequences can be grave.

Our way of thinking is very important. The stakes are high and the results of our way of thinking have eternal consequences. The best thing for us to do is learn to think like God. And it can be done. As Christians, we have the mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:16). We also have the very Spirit of God resident in us who even searches out the deep things of God (1 Corinthians 2:10). Armed with the mind of Christ and the Spirit of God, we can have great success renewing our mind and thinking like God.

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God (Romans 12:2).

One of the main reasons why believers are at odds with the way the world thinks is because we study God’s way of thinking in the scriptures. The more we study, the more we think like God. Because a committed believer studies the Bible, he can have a conversation with an unbeliever and be on completely different planets. It is because he is thinking like God. The unbeliever thinks he is right, but, like our first verse said, he only thinks he is right. He really isn’t.

Often even believers think a lot like the world. You see it in the way they spend money, time, energy, vote and on and on.  It is because they take in the things of the world more than the things of God. The world tells them how to think. The problem is, how the world thinks does not end well. If a believer spends little time in their Bible, they tend to think a lot like the average sinner.

As believers, we are supposed to be completely different in this world. The way to do that is to be transformed by the renewing of our mind. And the way to be renew is devote time in the Bible, God’s handbook on how to think. But by renewing our mind, the believer thinks more like God and is different.

The Bible makes it very clear that the way the average sinner thinks is at complete odds with the way God thinks. It is imperative we become people who think like God. It is the difference between being right and wrong, or worse, the difference between heaven and hell.

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The cancer was back and had tripled in volume in just three months. Obviously, the medication wasn’t working. Dan’s oncologist said it is time to try traditional chemo by infusion. The chemo she recommended had significant side effects and would be no fun at all. But there was a chance it would work, at least for a time. Out of options and with the cancer continuing to grow every day, Dan decided to go with it.

Dan’s first infusion was on the last day of 2014. He would be infused with two chemos every three weeks and have shots to boost his immune system, which was likely to take a hit. In no time the chemo hit Dan hard and it was obvious there was an intruder in Dan’s body. In addition to the chemo, the shot for his immune system wreaked havoc big time. All the side effects came hard and fast and made Dan miserable.

After a few weeks, Dan’s hair began to fall out. Within a few days, most of his hair was gone. Dan had not shaved off his mustache for decades and very few people on earth had seen him without it. But it was one of the first things to fall out. Dan’s daughter Emily was visiting from California during this time and was there to experience the shaving of Dan’s head, along with his other three daughters. They consoled him and Dan hoped the difficulties would be worth it all.

Every three weeks, Dan was back in the chemo chair. Every three weeks he would go through the same pain and sickness, each round being worse than the last. Dan’s labs remained pretty good so the maximum dose of the two chemos continued round after round. Six rounds of three weeks each was the maximum that would be given and Dan was determined to go all the way, if possible. The first week of the cycle was the worst, the second was some better but far from a party, and the third week had some days of relative normalcy. Dan could see why so many cancer patients just give up and quit the chemo. Not much else went on during the five months of the treatment. Dan was basically in survivor mode and hoping and praying for the end of the treatments to come.

During the treatments, Dan had a CT scan every six weeks to check on the progress. Every time there was less cancer. If a cancer patient sees results, he or she is able to rise to the occasion and endure more. By the end of the five months, there was no more sign of cancer in Dan’s body!

After the chemo treatments, Dan followed up with a maintenance chemo that it was hoped would continue the results for some time. However, Dan had a scan toward the end of the summer and the wretched cancer was back. All that chemo for a few months of relief. They were good months, Summer months. Dan and his family enjoyed many summer activities and several vacations. But obviously, the maintenance chemo wasn’t working. So Dan started up with a new drug that worked with the patient’s immune system and was seeing pretty good results, though it was new on the market. Dan started it in September of 2015 and took it until a November scan.

All cancer drugs have some kind of side effects. The immunotherapy had its own side effects, some of the same as others, but one unique one. A certain percentage of patients develop a cough, and Dan did fairly quickly. It was assumed it was the drug that was doing it.

Dan had a scan in November and the results were not good. Dan’s lungs had far more cancer than they ever had, and his breathing was being affected. About this same time, Dan and Heather went away for an over nighter at a bed and breakfast. They had a delightful time. They visited museums and took walks. All in all, Dan did pretty well. The day they came home Dan was very tired and went to bed. And he hardly got up for the next month. Dan was going downhill fast, and the coughing and trouble breathing wasn’t because of the drug; it was the cancer taking its tole and growing rapidly. By the middle of December Dan was having trouble talking, his oxygen levels had dropped significantly, and nearly everything caused Dan to be winded. The Oncologist talked with Dan and Heather about end of life decisions, and it appeared that the beginning of the end was at hand.

But also in November the Food and Drug Administration had accelerated the approval of a new drug that was seeing good results for those with Dan’s condition, including a unique mutation Dan was found to have. So Dan began that drug and called upon all who would, to pray to save his life. Dan took the drug, people rallied and prayed, and within a very short time the cough left and Dan’s breathing significantly improved. During this time he also started two more chemos that would be hard to endure, but might help out the cause. He did only one round. It seemed he didn’t need those extra chemos, as he was improving significantly.

By January of 2016, Dan was gaining energy, breathing well and not coughing. It looked like life was returning and Dan and Heather dared think about the future again. The first thing they did with Dan’s new found energy was go to California to visit daughter Emily and Phil, and two new twin grandsons! The trip went well and the time was an enormous blessing.

Some think you shouldn’t take drugs to get well, but only pray. Others depend only on medication and forget to pray. Outside one of the buiildings at Oral Roberts University is a large sculpture of two hands. They represent God and medicine working together and not at odds at all. While all are entitled to their opinion, this seems right. And in spite of endless advice to the contrary, Dan will trust the wisdom and experience of his oncologist, and trust the power and goodness of a good, trustworthy God.


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